What makes Cornish rex so unique!

Breed Standard

The first cat lovers (felinophiles) appeared in Europe. These boosted the first cat breeders and created the first cat show. In 1910, it was founded in Great Britain, the first federation of feline clubs under the name of Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and in 1949 the Fédération Internationale Féline of Europe (FIFe) was created.

The first cat show took place in London in 1871, with the presence of just over 300 animals in competition, mainly Persian, Siamese and Burmese (without this character, the oldest date is 1578).The show remains the most important event of gatophilia. Exposing a cat means presenting the result of a selection job, which required many years of study

The goal of any show is to select the best animals presented, and the goal of any breeding program is to produce genetically beautiful and healthy animals that are increasingly close to the standard set for each breed. The Standard is the basis of the judging process. In addition to the detailed description of what is expected of a good breed, he quantitatively values, by scoring, the most relevant items for the judge's analysis.

Get to know some details of the breed standard and see what makes the Cornish Rex breed so unique:

Official Breed Council - Fife 

Official breed standard - Fife

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