Going against what you think, when he wags his tail is a sign of joy!

... The breed's popularity was mainly attributed to its original appearance, attracting immediate attention. The unusual appearance of the breed has a great appeal to those people with different taste. But your wavy coat is not its only original feature. Her body is slender, like a greyhound, suggests a high activity level for this breed, and the Cornish Rex literally loves fun.

... In addition to the coat, this breed has a unique body type. Cornish Rex's body is similar to Siamese but never tubular. The body is very long and slender and compared by many to a Whippet dog, with thin bones, long legs and well curved topline and barrel-shaped chest, despite its delicate appearance, these cats are extremely strong and with a very visible musculature. All colors are recognized. The coat is very short, curiously its appearance denotes roughness, but it is incredibly soft to the touch, looking like velvet or silk.

As orelhas grandes e inseridas no alto da cabeça que é comparativamente pequena, em forma de ovo e com nariz romano e olhos de médios a grande e ovais dão uma aparência inusitada.

... Rex is an English term commonly used to denote genetic mutations that make coat curly, whether in cats, rabbits, rats or other animals. The result of the mutation is the formation of undulations that occur in the soft undercoat, since in these cats the undercoat prevails. Even mustaches and eyebrows are usually curled. As they are composed exclusively of undercoat, it is not enough to protect the race from the sun's rays or the cold ...

Because of its extremely short coat, many people think the Cornish is a hypoallergenic cat. This is not strictly true. The absence of the main coat in Cornish frees people who are "sensitive to fur," but if the sensitivity is other, such as cat saliva, the most common, or dead skin follicles, the people will still be allergic. All animals are constantly renewing their coats, while old coats are replaced with new ones. As for the Cornish Rex coat, they fall, but compared to other cats, certainly this change is minimal and almost imperceptible.

... Dynamic and creative! Being a very active breed that interacts with everything and everyone, everything is synonymous with play, climbing and running, and some say that these cats do not sleep. The daily resting time of a normal cat is from 16 to 18 hrs and that of a Cornish and from 10 to 13 hrs daily, summarizing the activity time of a Cornish is at least 8 to 11hrs daily, More than an active cat, he is interactive! One of the ways of many Cornishies is to jump from the ground directly to the shoulders, landing softly. The breed faces different situations with an unusual naturalness, unlike other cats, and because of this ease of adaptation they adapt well to travel, adapting quickly to new environments what differentiates from other cats ...

... Rex's Cornish appetite is legendary. Because the breed has a very high level of activity, and require a large amount of fuel to sustain them. Among other curiosities we can point out its body temperature is one degree above normal (38 to 39.2 ° C in cats generating higher energy consumption) Unlike most cats when the tail wagging incessantly is a sign of joy and expresses itself a lot more with body language. Vocalization in heat is moderate and they are very sexually precocious. Males have high territoriality ...

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