"I've always liked cats, and shorthair always been my favorites, especially those of leaner structure and slimmer bodies. So I met Cornish through a magazine, and I confess that at first its somewhat exotic appearance caused me a a certain strangeness ... and at the same time a certain fascination!


           And so I started researching the breed, and I fell in love, because it is not only its looks that is unique, its temperament is also. So after a lot of research I decided to have my first Cornish, and it was not easy to find a cat of this breed in Brazil.

         Although I love other feline breeds that I had the pleasure of meeting personally and yes, in the future I would like to breeding Orientals and and Siamese who are my other passion, but nowadays I dedicate myself exclusively to Cornish Rex, and I already do that to many years. And my dedication to them will be eternal because they have opened the door to this wonderful feline world and I will always do so with love and responsibility. "

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