With a high activity level it is common to see him playing for hours

The Cornish Rex is extremely affectionate and nor a little shy with strangers. They are also very active cats surpassing many of their Siamese and Orientals cousins, and this temperament prevails into old age. They are perfect pets for the owner who wants active cats and to participate in family life.

Communicative, is not  like the Siamese and the Orientals, is between the middle term, Some breeders find that they express themselves much more by body language than by meows, and the vocalization of heat in females is moderate, they are precocious cats, can mate with only 6 months. Known for their self-confidence, their willingness to interact with people, they have an incredible adaptability, which unlike most breeds, is a cat that adapts very well to changes in environment and daily life. It has a very high level of activity and for some breeders even surpassed by Siamese. Although the breed is very friendly with everything and all this usually does not apply to fertile males because they are very territorial.

For me it is the best breed there is, they are festive with everyone, and are always looking for contact, they do not like to be isolated or away from the people of the house, are interactive, with everything and everyone And usually, they are always looking for a fun, are eternal clowns, everything is reason to run, hide and appear again, is an eternal prankster.
In short they are exciting ... They are addictive!

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